Original Art’s Eye-Catching Tree of Life Tray From Dunkees

Are you the designated rolling expert in your friend's group, but you get upset by the mess you make? Do you like to stay organized and have everything in its place after you finish with it? Do not look past the Original Art’s Dunkees rolling trays! They will change your rolling experience, and it will be fun.

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Dunkees has designed a masterpiece, the ‘tree of life, a tin rolling tray that has striking colors and fantastic shapes. This is a design everyone will love at first sight. It also represents a flat, hard surface that will help you with rolling. Whether you are a ‘professional’ or a newbie, our metal trays help everyone. With a decent 5 inches height and 7 inches width, it is a decent size for its purpose.

Original Art’s rolling trays designed by Dunkees come in three different designs, and we have them all on the BDD Wholesale website. Also, if you need any other rolling accessory, along with some smoking tools and devices, everything is in there.

It does not matter if you are a long-term user with refined taste or a rookie trying to step up your game; we have anything you need.

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