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With a compact and multi-purpose design, our black walnut wood Small Case is a classic essential for protecting and housing your dry tobacco and lifestyle accessories.  Its tasteful, soft-edged form is highlighted by a uniquely engineered slide-top system, complete with a universal silicon inner seal that allows for convenient access and maximum utility.  Discreet, portable, and stylish, you can take it anywhere and use as desired.

  • Our black walnut wood is sustainably sourced from North America.
  • Our Small Case is sized to fit our Taster, pre-roll, loose leaves, and other smoking essentials.
  • Dimensions: 4.75” L x 2.75” W x 1” H / 12 cm L x 7 cm W x 2.5 cm H

Wood Care
Do not submerge wood component in any liquid. A nylon brush can be passed through wood to remove any residue. A very small amount of isopropyl alcohol can be applied to the brush beforehand without causing any damage to the wood. Over time, the wood will lose its natural luster. Applying a small amount of wood conditioner will restore the appearance of the wood and will also protect it from variations in environmental moisture levels. Warm wood conditioner should be applied so that it penetrates the wood grain. Apply liberally in the direction of the grain. Let sit for approximately 20 minutes, wipe off any excess, and buff gently with a cloth.

Qty available: 1 SKU: MARLEY-CASE

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