Wraps by King Palm

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  • 2 Pre-Rolled Mini Wraps & Tips per Pack
  • 20 Packs per Display
  • 100% Organic Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cigar Wrap
  • Holds 0.8 Grams Per Roll
  • Tobacco-Free
  • Additive Free
  • Corn Husk Filter Tips

King Palm 2 Mini Rolls - 40pk Display

King Palm 2 Mini Rolls are convenience in a pack. If you can't roll, simply use these mini rolls to stuff your leaf wraps. There's no reason to do anything like split, lick or roll it up.

Each of these King Palm mini rolls are organic natural leaf rolls. The leaves are handpicked and cleaned with purified water along with preservative free. They don't contain any tobacco either.

Due to it being rolled up leaves, it gives off a slow burn that burns evenly. It also gives off a smooth taste to it. The leaves are from the flowering tree of the Cordia (Borage) Family which originates from Singapore rain forests.

The mini rolls contain filter tips from natural corn-husk. They are great filters because they provide enough air holes for great airflow.

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