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The Hemper Silicone Ashtray adds a touch of modern class to your favorite smoke space. Crafted from high-grade heat-resistant silicone, it’s meant to endure hot joints and smoldering ash. This silicone design also contributes to a mixture of flexibility and ruggedness that makes it virtually unbreakable. The sides are symmetrically punctuated with 4 accommodating grooves.

  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Diameter 3.25"
  • 4 grooves/notches on the side to hold pre-rolls
  • Easy to clean with hot water
  • Display Comes with 4 Black with Gold Print, 4 Black with White Print, 4 Green with White Print (12 Total)
Qty available: 0 SKU: HemperTech-TheAsherBox

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