E-Nail by Halo

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Halo Pro 2021 edition, portable E-nail
  • High Temperature threshold
  • Extra deep ceramic heating element with carb cap
  • Dab tool
  • Dual batteries
  • Extra battery protection
  • Travel case


  • Press button 1 time to turn The Halo on.
  • Press button 3 times to start your 2-minute session.
  • Press button 1 time (after turning on) to initiate manual heat mode.

* In manual heat mode, bowl is heated while button is pressed.

  • Unit will turn off after 45 seconds of inactivity
  • Battery life indicator *green *yellow *red
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overcharge protection

* HALO Utilizes a new patent pending, heated in-bowl design *

Qty available: 2 SKU: HALO-ENAIL

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