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The main characteristic of Fuzion’s Xtrme range is the design. The rough square XTR-100 scale comes in a black color and like its sister model, the XTR-1000, the LCD readout and operating panel pop out spring-loaded from under the large weighing pad. With a 100g capacity and 0.01g accuracy in 4 weighing modes, it comes with a lifetime/10 year warranty and uses 2x AAA batteries (included).

The Fuzion XTR Series scales offer sleek, modern design, impeccable accuracy and durability for both double and single digit devices. The unit is housed in super strong, plastic material with a clear protective cover that doubles as an expansion tray. The scale features an large stainless steel weighing platform, 4.5 digit LCD screen and easy calibration. With normal care and proper treatment, the Fuzion XTR scale will provide years of reliable service!



100g x 0.01g

Weighing modes: g, oz, gn, ct

Range: Tare full capacity

Auto Off: 30 seconds off

2 AAA batteries included

Colours: Black, Silver

Unit weight: 170g

Qty available: 39 SKU: XTR-100

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