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The Exxus Tap VV is sleek simple and efficient. It features 4 temperature settings as well as a preheat setting.

Despite having multiple temperatures this vape is buttonless and features an auto draw.

To Toggle through voltages you tap the underside of the vape it has a power sensor.

3 Taps adjusts the voltage

    • Red is 4.2 V
    • Yellow is 3.9 V
    • Green is 3.7 V
    • Blue is 3.3 V

2 Taps to begin the preheat feature 

1 Tap to stop the preheat although preheat automatically stops at 10 seconds

  • 280 mAh Snap Battery
  • Usb Charger
Qty available: 0 SKU: ExxusTapVV-4Temp-Black

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