Benji Tray Kit King Franklin Dark: Get Ready to Roll Your Next Joint Like Royalty!

A decent rolling tray can make a huge difference in the quality of rolling your joint or cigarettes. It’s more than a flat surface. It’s a statement of your personality and style that helps your rolling area remain tidy. 

Our metal Benji Tray Kit King Franklin Dark not only looks cool but also makes the rolling experience a whole lot easier thanks to its high-quality material. 

Apart from the stylish design and top-notch material, the matching magnetic lid makes the rolling tray an essential tool for every smoker on the go. Inside the package, you will find a tube of 3 cones and a paper pack with 20 leaves.

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Why Choose Benji Tray Kit King Franklin Dark?

Benji Tray Kit King Franklin Dark is here to help you clean your smoking area and enhance your rolling experience. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Maintains Tidiness and Organization: Our Benji rolling tray is the perfect tool for making your rolling process cleaner and it can serve as a storage for all your rolling supplies.
  • Easy to Clean: Made of metal, the Benji tray kit is easy to maintain after finishing the rolling process. Just wipe it down and it will be ready to use. 
  • Magnetic Lid: The magnetic properties of our Benji tray kit make it the perfect choice if you’re looking for a spacious container that will keep all additional accessories like grinder cards, filters, and rolling paper. 
  • Portable: Our Benji metal tray kit is a lightweight rolling tray and easy to carry while you’re on the move. 

Roll Like a Seasoned Pro Thanks to Benji Tray King Franklin Dark! 

Say goodbye to all that hustle and bustle while rolling your herbs. Rolling trays are not only functional tools, but they can showcase your personality and preferences. 

But, hey, don’t take our word for it! Visit BBD Wholesale and look for yourself how the modern, vibrant design of our smoking tools can bring you the ultimate rolling experience and place an order today!

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