Silicone by Space King

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Multi Use Silicone Ash-catcher, Reclaimer, and Storage Jar

Space king created a 14mm/19mm ash catcher! Made from Platinum-cured Silicone, this 100% non toxic and non stick silicone ash-catcher is a multiple use piece. Use the bowl that comes with it and use it as an ash-catcher, or stick a banger in and use it as an all-in-one reclaimer! The bottom of this piece screws off for easy cleaning, or easy reclaiming.

Features include:

  • 14mm/19mm Male connecting joint
  • 14mm/19mm Female bowl/banger fitting
  • Comes Apart For Easy Cleaning

This means your favorite bowls, nails, bangers or anything can be easily attached to the top of this ash catcher as it feeds through to your water pipe!


MSRP: $9.99 / unit

Qty available: 71 SKU: AA-SiliAsh

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