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Palm Twist Exotic Hand Rolled Leaf - Mini Rolls

Palm Twist natural leaf rolls do not contain any artificial preservatives and are individually hand-rolled. The installed crutch is made from natural corn husk, it will allow you to take bigger and smoother pulls. The leaves are very slow burning and are very resilient, they can be brushed with water for rehydration. They are handpicked, cleaned with purified water, and rolled

  • Tobacco Free
  • Nicotine Free
  • Corn Husk Filter
  • 100% Natural


Move the inserted paper tube, grind your leaf to desired consistency, use custom wooden packing tool to load. Use tight force when packing, but without extreme force, do not leave air pockets. This will give your palm twist a slower burn. Do not remove or smoke the paper band. Do not smoke the corn husk filter.

Natural for this product means these leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not treated with pesticides, preservatives, or and artificial chemicals. No harm to the environment is done, once leaves are plucked, new leaves appear after a short period of time, allowing to be very sustainable in production practices.


Qty available: 15 SKU: PalmTwist-MiniRolls-3pk

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