Bong Clearance Bonanza – Unbelievable Wholesale Bongs Deals!

Cloud chaser and glass enthusiast in one? We are having an ultimate Bong Clearance Bonanza. Wholesale bongs that will turn up your smoke game without breaking the wallet. We offer high-quality bongs at low prices.

Scouring our stock has allowed us to bring you the sickest, slickest, and smoothest glass bongs on the market with jaw-dropping discounts. The glass bongs on sale that everybody calls “the conversation starters” or “the room brighteners” are all waiting to become the centerpiece of your collection.


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Frosted Design Beaker Water Pipe (14")Frosted Design Beaker Water Pipe (14")
Sale price$ 32.00 Regular price$ 45.00
Sold out
Water Pipe -Boujee Life (14")Water Pipe -Boujee Life (14")
Sale price$ 20.00 Regular price$ 24.99
Sold out
Water Pipe - Wasp Party (14")Water Pipe - Wasp Party (14")
Sale price$ 20.00 Regular price$ 24.99

Dive Deep into Deals

If you are in for a session served with a side of savings, we have the right therapy for you! Each piece in our clearance is a star ready to shine in your hands. All the deals are tailored to hype you up enough to purchase but keep your wallet happy!

  • Epic Price Drops: Imagine getting up to 29% off on your next bong - now stop imagining because it’s happening right here!

  • Curated Collection: Take your pick from our eclectic mix, featuring everything from robust beaker bongs to intricate percolator designs that promise smoother hits and purer enjoyment.

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from amazing materials, these glass bongs on sale are built to last and designed to impress. High-quality glass ensures durability and a clean, pure taste.

  • Limited Stock Alert: Our clearance stock is rare and in high demand. Act fast because these deals disappear faster than smoke in the wind! The cheap bongs for sale are so good that they’re almost criminal.

Glass Bong Details

Our Bong Clearance Bonanza is a once-in-a-lifetime event! Dive into our collection of the cheapest wholesale bongs and discover the perfect piece that speaks to your soul (and your wallet). 

  • Frosted Design Beaker Water Pipe: This is the bong masterpiece. Standing tall at 14 inches, this beaker water pipe features a frosted glass design that's as cool as it is functional. Perfect for those who appreciate a touch of elegance while smoking.

  • Boujee Life Water Pipe: Live the luxe life with this sophisticated piece. With a sleek 14-inch profile, this water pipe delivers smooth hits that transform any session into a luxurious experience.

  • Wasp Party Water Pipe: This piece is a hit for good reason. Keep an eye out - more like it is buzzing into our clearance line!

‘Bong’ it Up with BBD Wholesale

At BDD Wholesale, we believe that everyone deserves the best, especially when enjoying their favorite herbs. That’s why we offer the cheapest wholesale bongs - to ensure that you can roll in style, whether you’re rolling in dough or watching your budget.

Join us in celebrating the art of smoking with bongs that are limited!

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