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We have a wholesale vape pens offer that’s limited, for the vape squad out there! If you are ready to take things seriously, let’s make your journey epic with the most banging vapes on the market. BBD Wholesale is your one-stop shop for making the clouds casting shadows.

Our vapes are the real upgrade – so fly, they will have you vaping on cloud nine. And they are limited, so hurry up!


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Yocan - Orbit Vaporizer - ConcentrateYocan - Orbit Vaporizer - Concentrate
Sale price$ 21.00 Regular price$ 24.99
Yocan - UNI (Cartridge Battery )Yocan - UNI (Cartridge Battery )
VESSEL Core Cartridge BatteryVESSEL Core Cartridge Battery
Sold out
Yocan B-Smart Slim Twist Battery (50 pcs)
Yocan’s The One - Hybrid Nectar Collector and Wax Pen
Yocan - EvolveYocan - Evolve
Sale price$ 7.99
Yocan - Evolve-DYocan - Evolve-D
Sale price$ 7.99
Yocan - Evolve PlusYocan - Evolve Plus
Sale price$ 11.99
Yocan - Evolve Plus XLYocan - Evolve Plus XL
Sale price$ 16.99
Sold out
Yocan - X -Vaporizer - ConcentrateYocan - X -Vaporizer - Concentrate
Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Nectar Collector Kit
Gun Shape Electric Nectar Collector KitGun Shape Electric Nectar Collector Kit
Puffco -  Peak Pro Smart RigPuffco -  Peak Pro Smart Rig
Sale price$ 265.00
Sold out
Dry Vaporizer - Hybird KloudsDry Vaporizer - Hybird Klouds
Sale price$ 23.99 Regular price$ 29.99
On sale
Portable Wax Vaporizer - Lit WaxiePortable Wax Vaporizer - Lit Waxie
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Sale price$ 139.99
Puffco - Plus Vision ChamberPuffco - Plus Vision Chamber
Sale price$ 15.00
Lookah Seahorse Pro PLUS Electric Nectar Collector KitLookah Seahorse Pro PLUS Electric Nectar Collector Kit
The Proxy by PuffcoThe Proxy by Puffco
Sale price$ 200.00
Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Nectar Collector KitLookah Seahorse 2.0 Nectar Collector Kit
Lookah Q7 Enail BangerLookah Q7 Enail Banger
Sale price$ 54.99
Puffco Proxy BUBPuffco Proxy BUB
Sale price$ 75.00
Sold out
Puffco Budsy Bottle BongPuffco Budsy Bottle Bong
Sale price$ 34.99
Puffco - The Guardian Peak ProPuffco - The Guardian Peak Pro
Sale price$ 400.00
Puffco Proxy BUB DesertPuffco Proxy BUB Desert
Sale price$ 75.00
The Proxy by Puffco - FlourishThe Proxy by Puffco - Flourish
Sale price$ 210.00
Yocan Black Case Cartridge BatteryYocan Black Case Cartridge Battery
Sale price$ 13.00
Yocan Black Heat Vision Thermometer Carb Cap
Sale price$ 25.00
Yocan Black Cloud 2 Concentrate ChamberYocan Black Cloud 2 Concentrate Chamber
Sale price$ 12.00

BDD Wholesale is Your Vape Plug

You are not just buying a vape, you are snagging a passport to flavor town and cloud city. Here is why to ‘swipe right’ on our limited vape pen wholesale collection:

  • Supreme Quality

Forget about mediocrity – our vapes hit differently for real. Crafted with such precision and ready to perform, they are made to blast you off with every puff. These ‘bad boys’ are rigorously tested to deliver pure but intense vape sessions that keep the vibe high and the maintenance low.

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Get ready to flex with prices that keep your wallet full. We're slicing prices so you can get that premium gear. Score the big savings with these limited vape pens for sale that are too good to pass up.

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Each vape in our lineup is a statement of art. Flaunt your style with vape designs that range from sleek to bold and expressive. Become the center of attention with this stylish and functional gear.

Part of Our Smokin’ Collection

Our bestsellers are popular because they change the game from the root to the core. Peek at a few of them:

Puffco Peak Pro Smart Rig

This is the Lamborghini of vapes due to the sleek and powerful look. The Peak Pro’s smart rig technology lets you customize every hit, making sure the performance is at the peak, whether you are a flavor chaser or cloud beast.

VESSEL Core Cartridge Battery

This is the little black dress of vape batteries – essential, elegant, and fitting for every occasion. Whether out in town or chilling at home, the VESSEL core powers your vape with endurance.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Electric Nectar Collector Kit

Why settle for basics when you can have a powerhouse in your pocket? The Lookah Seahorce Pro is revolutionary, discreet, potent, and perfect for being on the go. Choose the best vape kits for sale!

Act Fast the Offer is Limited

Heads up – these vapes for sale online are on fire and leaving fast, so don’t allow yourself to be left in the dust. The bestsellers are flying off shelves, so make the moves now and secure your spot in the vape elite.

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