The Finest Water Pipes Collection

They say a stoner’s credibility is determined by their bong collection. If you fancy yourself a cannabis connoisseur, then you probably don’t have the time to gather mediocre glass pieces. Of course, you only want the best of the best, and we’re here to help and deliver. 

Immerse yourself in the finest selection of limited-stock water pipes and elevate your smoking sessions to another level with BDD Wholesale’s. Shop now while supplies last!


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HyBird Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (5")HyBird Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (5")
Sale price$ 22.99 Regular price$ 27.99
Save 13%
HyBird Wig Wag Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (6")HyBird Wig Wag Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (6")
Sale price$ 38.99 Regular price$ 44.99
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Frosted Design Beaker Water Pipe (14")Frosted Design Beaker Water Pipe (14")
Sale price$ 32.00 Regular price$ 45.00
Save 18%
Silicone Water Pipe - Skinny VaseSilicone Water Pipe - Skinny Vase
Sale price$ 5.75 Regular price$ 6.99
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HyBird Recycler Rig KitHyBird Recycler Rig Kit
Sale price$ 36.99

Why You’ll Enjoy Using Our Water Pipes

When smoking through a water bong or pipe, you lower the strain cannabis can cause on your lungs. You probably enjoy the feel, but have you ever asked yourself about the benefits high-quality water pipes can provide? This is what makes our water pipes special: 

  • Water Filtration. When smoke passes through it, the water acts as a filter, and who doesn’t want a cleaner smoking experience? Rest assured, our water pipes get rid of ash, tar, and other impurities to keep you both safe and satisfied. 

  • Smoother Tokes. Using one of our water pieces will guarantee you a smoother, consistent smoke build-up and travel. If used properly, you can almost completely get rid of any unwanted coughs after taking a hit. 

  • Cleaner Experience. Gone are the days of cleaning up a mess after rolling up a doobie. The process of using our water pipes doesn’t require you to use rolling paper, so there will be no ash left to clean from your table.  

Our water pipes are a more user-friendly alternative compared to joints. Quite a few folks don’t possess the knowledge or skill-set to roll one up, making a glass or a silicone piece an ideal option. Recognize yourself? Try one of our water pipes and improve your smoking game!

All About Our Rigs

HyBird rigs definitely stuck out from the crowd. They’re smaller than traditional pipes, which is why we love them so much. When purchasing one of these bad boys, you’ll be looking at: 

  • Master Craftsmanship. Various glass-blowing techniques have been used to create the complex shapes and curves taking place on the rigs. When ripping your first hit, you’ll instantaneously feel the enhanced filtration effects kick in as the smoke steadily finds its way into your chest. Silicone options offer nothing less than the same. 

  • Heat Resistance. Our best water pipes are designed to withstand heat up to 1,300°C, allowing the use of butane torch lighters. The rigs also offer enhanced cold resistance for those icy rips some enthusiasts frequently long for.

  • Add-ons. All water pipes and kits come equipped with a complementary bowl and a banger, as well as a dab tool. Our premium kit also features a nectar collector for those who want to use their dabs in their entirety.

No matter the pipe you choose, our glass and silicone pieces are quite thick and can sustain minor fall damage if landed on a soft surface. When maintained properly, they’ll reliably serve you your buds and your dabs for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!