The Most Unique Glass Trays for a Transcendent Rolling Experience

Are you tired of the mess you leave after every cigarette or joint roll? How about the herb being wasted for nothing? BDD Wholesale’s collection of glass trays is here to help you get rid of all the mess and elevate your rolling art to the next level. 

Our glass trays are crafted with one goal in mind: to facilitate meticulous organization for an effortless and trouble-free rolling experience. Thanks to the highly practical design, rolling a joint looks like a piece of cake! 

The shatter-resistant glass trays come in various designs and are crafted not only as vital items for every weed and tobacco smoker but also as little pieces of art anticipating the joy of the first puff. They’re specially made to meet the needs of every roll-your-own enthusiast, whether a newbie or a master roller!


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World Toke Craft Glass TrayWorld Toke Craft Glass Tray
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Benji - Shatter-Resistant Glass Tray Kit - Art FranklinBenji - Shatter-Resistant Glass Tray Kit - Art Franklin
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Benji - Shatter-Resistant Glass Tray Kit - $100 Bills (Case of 20)
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Benji - Shatter-Resistant Glass Tray Kit - King Franklin
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Space King - Glass Tray - High in spaceSpace King - Glass Tray - High in space
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Afghan Hemp - Glass Tray - Grandpa
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Why You’ll Love Our Rolling Trays

In a world full of every kind of dry herb smoking accessory, you’re probably already asking yourself what makes our glass trays stand out from the others. Here is our answer to what makes them unique: 

Help You Get Organized

Let’s face it, the first and foremost role of weed trays is to help you stay organized and get a smoother rolling experience. They are the ideal space for storing all your cannabis goodies including rolling papers, filters, and blunts. Our glass trays are big enough to give you the necessary space to store all your equipment. Finally, your clean and organized rolling session can begin! 

Give a Personal Touch to Your Rolling Experience

Not only are our glass trays highly practical, but they come in different designs to match your personal preferences and style. Whether they feature characters from your favorite TV shows or some inspirational figures, they are aesthetically highly appealing and give you the right vibe to get rolling and create unforgettable moments.

Made of High-Quality Material

In addition to their elegant design, our weed rolling trays are also characterized by high quality. They are made from tempered shatter-resistant glass and can be your lifelong companion, given the material's durability and resistance to heat. Apart from this, being made of glass makes our trays super easy to clean and maintain. 

Highly Sustainable and Recyclable

We all know that glass is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material, given it can be easily recycled. Our trays are made to last, but if you damage or break your glass tray by accident, it can always be recycled, leaving no negative footprint on the environment. 

Reach Out to BDD Wholesale for the Smoothest Rolling Experience

Still pondering whether you should get yourself a glass rolling tray? Well, don’t think twice. A glass tray will definitely save you from all the nerve-wracking mess when rolling or prepping rigs and bongs. Besides, placing your herb on a rolling tray is far more hygienic than rolling it on paper or any other surface. Use our time-limited offer and immerse yourself in an organized and clean rolling session.